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First Flush Green Tea Leaves for Cold Brew with Complimentary Strainer as a Gift

First Flush Green Tea Leaves for Cold Brew with Complimentary Strainer as a Gift

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Cold Brew for Health: Maximizing Theanine and Moderating Caffeine in Green Tea

Green tea is packed with health-promoting ingredients such as theanine, catechins, and caffeine.

Ever considered enjoying the wellness advantages of green tea but prefer it with less caffeine?

Cold brewing is an excellent method for extracting theanine from green tea leaves,  reducing caffeine extraction.

Green tea brewed for one hour at 33 degrees Fahrenheit has been found to contain approximately 20% of the caffeine compared to tea brewed with hot water, while still extracting about 80% of theanine.

This approach is ideal for those who desire the calming properties of theanine rather than the stimulating impact of caffeine.

First Flush Green Tea Enjoyable and Delicious When Cold Brewed

This tea is genuine first flush green tea, sold specifically for the discerning Japanese market, where taste cannot be compromised. It is harvested in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan's premier region for green tea production.

Enjoy complimentary shipping of our authentic Japanese green tea directly from its origin to your doorstep in the United States.


- 100 grams (3.5oz) of first flush green tea leaves, cultivated in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, a renowned green tea-producing region.

- A strainer is included as a gift.

How to Cold Brew Green Tea (For One Cup)

  • Ingredients:

    • 2 teaspoons of green tea leaves.
    • 1 cup of cold water (6 oz).
  • Instructions:

    • Place the green tea leaves in the cup of cold water.
    • Allow the mixture to steep for 1 hour.
    • Strain the tea to remove the leaves.

    To further reduce the extraction of caffeine, brew for less than an hour using water at approximately 33 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of cold green tea!

    For those interested in learning more about the health benefits of cold brew green tea, click here.

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